Frequently Asked Questions


Business Questions

How can help small business owners?

If you are a small business owner Catch 22 market can help you in the following ways: profits lost to third-party online food ordering apps

2. direct access to customer-specific information, which could be used for better customer relationship management

3.quick resolution of customer complaints related to misplaced orders in correct order delivery

4.Reduced or zero dependency on online food ordering apps for future sales

If I’m a small business owner, is there a fee or price I need to pay to join Catch22Market?

The website is absolutely free of cost and therefore you need not pay a single penny to register your small business on Catch22

What states and cities are you currently serving in terms of ties with small businesses?

We are currently present in 4 states namely Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois, and California. We are growing and bonding with more businesses every day!

What if I am small business owner without any website for my merchandize?

In case you do not have a website of your own to sell your products or for Catch-22market to redirect customers to your website, then we are in the process of helping these kind of small businesses by creating a new website for them absolutely free of cost. Please get in touch with us using our feedback form, if you have questions regarding how the new website will be implemented, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since Catch-22 does not charge the small businesses for registering on website then what is its monetization plan? operates an open-account-book model using the donations we get from those who believe in our cause. As an open book company, we clearly mention our expenditures and income sources for others to see and analyze. we believe in total transparency regarding our cash flow.