How does it work and why Catch22?


 How does it work and why Catch22? 

Here at Catch22Market, we believe in the power of community. We believe that we are stronger together, and when we work as a team we can do anything. Catch22Market is the bridge between customers and businesses to fill the gap between the two that third party delivery services try to fill. We tailor our services to YOU. No matter which state or which city, we are here for you. Using Catch22Market helps keep local businesses functional and profitable. With your help as the customer, you are helping keep these hard-working business people afloat and keeping their dreams alive. You as the business owner are bringing happiness and quality to the customers you deliver to.  

 Catch22Market is our way of helping local restaurants keep their customers. We believe that restaurants should be in charge of their product from the kitchen all the way to their customer’s doorstep. We also believe that the money customers are spending should all go directly to one place – the company they’re purchasing from. Plus not only do businesses get to track their sales via their own website, but they also get customer data directly for any future promotions. Our goal is to keep the communication direct, keep the sales in the restaurant, and keep people employed. It is our mission to build a community for businesses and customers to have direct communication and build a bond of loyalty. We are devoted to helping you. Our service is free to sign up for and we are dedicated to helping you build the best bridge to reach your customers. Join our movement. Join our community. We are here for you, at Catch22Market. 


Why use Catch22Market Platform?


  • Ease of finding a restaurant that delivers
  • All your money goes to your favorite restaurant
  • Direct communication with the restaurant
  • Possible partial or full avoidance of third-party fees



  • Stay in charge of your own product from the kitchen to the door
  • Save up to 33% on third-party platforms
  • Sales tracking via your own website
  • Employees keep their job
  • You get your customer data directly for any future promotions

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