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Catch22 was founded as a business co-operative to help local and independent operators succeed in a quickly changing marketplace that is cluttered with third-party alternatives.

Charging no fees to customers or dues to businesses, Catch22 is funded through private donations. Donations are required to keep the Catch22Market platform free and available for participating businesses.

To this end, Catch22 believes in open-book transparent management, empowering employees, interns and partners with access to information and communication to foster brand ownership and awareness among a larger community.

 In keeping with open-book management,

  • Catch22 shares financial and critical operations data with its community
  • Catch22 challenges its community to grow the Catch22Movement
  • Catch22 succeeds through the prosperity of its community

Starting June 1, Catch22 will make profit and loss statements available to the public. This transparency will not only allow the community to see how donations are spent on the project, but it is in line with our core philosophy of working for the good of the local business community. Catch22 is not in business for itself.

In the next two weeks, Catch22 will begin using donations to help bring partner restaurants online with low-cost websites, which will allow them to better connect with their communities. In an increasingly online world, we want to foster and maintain that original relationship between businesses and their consumers.

Why use Catch22Market Platform?


  • Ease of finding a restaurant that delivers
  • All your money goes to your favorite restaurant
  • Direct communication with the restaurant
  • Possible partial or full avoidance of third-party fees



  • Stay in charge of your own product from the kitchen to the door
  • Save up to 33% on third-party platforms
  • Sales tracking via your own website
  • Employees keep their job
  • You get your customer data directly for any future promotions

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This site is brought to you by the incredible and tireless collaboration between small business owners and students contributing their skills and knowledge to a good (and tasty) cause!

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